Make savings with no drop in quality

The last  year has been particularly challenging for a lot of businesses.  Now, more than ever, companies should be looking at their business expenditure to see if/where savings can be made for no drop in quality/quantity. Thankfully, your energy costs are a very easy place to start:

  1. There are some surprising margins in business energy charges – generally the more you use, the bigger the savings IF you have a GOOD broker.
  2. There is no “cheap” energy – as in poor quality or sub-standard but there IS cheaper energy to be had.
  3. If you are a large user and your energy contract is up for renewal between the end of October and the beginning of March then you could be throwing good money away by buying when the price peaks annually over the Winter months (simple supply v’s demand) . Consider an 18 or 30 month contract so your contract ends in the warmer months where the prices are generally lower and THEN look at tying-in for a 3 year contract if a good price can be found.
  4. A good broker can take businesses with multi-site premises and roll them into a single bespoke contract for the following benefits:
    • Less chance of premises going out of contract and paying prejudicial rates
    • One electric or gas contract is easier to administer than 20+
    • Better price as a bespoke price can be negotiated due to buying power with ALL of the premises included.
  1. One simple, quick signature on our Letter of Authority lets us go and do the work and report back on available prices and direct comparisons with what a business is currently spending – also you will never go out of contract by accident as we will then be able to come back to you within the appropriate renewal time with your options.

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