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Focus Business Consultancy Limited is owned and operated by Steve Wilson. Steve has over 25 years of experience in advising sole traders, partnerships and limited companies in relation to difficulties they have encountered with their businesses.

Prior to starting Focus Business Consultancy Limited Steve has worked for a range of accountants, from smaller partnership Firms and LLPs to Ernst & Young, which has given him a broad experience in business sectors and industries. Steve is an enthusiastic networker who attends various events and is currently Secretary Treasurer at his BNI (Business Network International) chapter in Dundee. He also helps run a networking event based in Fife. Steve has an understanding and empathic attitude towards his clients and the challenges and issues they can encounter whilst operating their own business and he loves helping deal with the difficulties, they can encounter or get involved in strategies and projects.

Given his background, Steve also has access to all manner of supplementary professional assistance from his established network of trusted businesses connections to assist his clients. Through Focus Business Consultancy Limited, Steve is happy to look at any projects from a few hours a month to a few days a month and opportunities to act as a Non-Executive Director for some companies to maintain an on-going relationship with their board..

Helping you at start-up stage

Steve has extensive knowledge of assisting you in relation to compliance and planning.

Ongoing Business Support
Risk Avoidance

Your Business Is Our Business

At Focus Business Consultancy we are committed to helping our clients improve their business.  Whether that is by giving your business an independent “health check”, assisting you with growth strategies or even simply using our established and trusted network to reduce your business expenditure in cost (but not in quality!).


Ongoing Business Planning

We understand that keeping control of your business as it grows can be very difficult, it often happens you have become so focused on the day to day business of your company that you can find yourself struggling to control your business and the direction it is going in – especially in a sole proprietor/director scenario.

Our Core Values

Steve has an understanding and empathic approach towards clients understanding the challenges and issues they can encounter whilst running their own business. Steve loves helping to deal with the problems encountered, providing solutions and strategies along with working on projects to benefit your business.

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