Case Study 2: Single Premise Client

A one premise business based in Fife who use a reasonable level of electricity and gas. Their Managing Director approached Focus Business Consultancy Limited as they had heard of our services and had followed our Director on LinkedIn for a period before making an approach. We were introduced to the Facilities Manager and, following an introductory conversation, we emailed over our LOA (Letter of Authority) which allows us to access our energy platforms and collect the necessary information on the client’s existing energy contracts before going back to discuss their options. We had, additionally, offered to do a free review of their existing contracts and bills. We engaged the client with the following benefits:

• a £23,500 per annum like for like saving on their annual gas costs.

• a £50,000 per annum saving on their electricity. What particularly impressed the client was that they had gone back to their current electricity provider and had negotiated a £10,000 reduction on their annual bill. They were therefore both surprised and grateful when Focus Business Consultancy Limited then arranged a further £50,000 reduction with their existing supplier.

• Following our review of their current contract and bills, we discovered that their electricity supplier had placed them on the wrong KVA rating which meant that for the 3-month remainder of their current contract (before the one we negotiated kicked-in) we were able to save them an additional £2,000 per month by putting them onto the correct rating. They had been unaware of this for 33 months of their contract.

We feel that these Case Studies highlight a number of key issues which may well be beneficial to Scottish Care’s membership. Our offering of a more bespoke, personal interaction with your Members should provide both confidence and value regardless of whether they are a single premise business or a 70+ multi-site operation.

As previously advised, we do not have a “one size fits all” approach and whilst there is a common thread in understanding a client’s energy usage and needs, the advice and options will ultimately depend on their individual circumstances and are tailored to them as closely as we can manage. Our responsibility is to source the best contracts for our clients and then cover the pros and cons of each supplier to help the client feel better informed and happier with their choice.

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