Complaint Handling Procedure

Complaint Handling Procedure

This complaints procedure is available by email and is free. It is also on our website. If you need a hard copy, send a SAE and we will provide free of charge. Please let us know if you need large print for vision impaired customers.

Focus Business Consultancy prides itself on providing a quality level of service to customers, one that is based on solid ethical principles. Despite this, sometimes things can go wrong; this can happen for a variety of reasons and some of those will be out of our control. Nevertheless, as our customer, we take responsibility for resolving the situation to the best of our ability. We regularly review our procedure, policies, and practices to ensure they still meet the demands and requirement of both our industry and our customers.
We consider a complaint to be any circumstance that leads to an expression of dissatisfaction by a customer. It is important to us that our customers are happy with our service and feel both valued and respected. We appreciate that people can feel a little uncomfortable when they have to complain. We understand this reluctance and will ensure we follow our own principles and treat all customers with the utmost courtesy and respect.

How to Register Dissatisfaction (a complaint):

• By email:
• By phone: 07966 279866
• By writing to us at: The Zen Den, South Lodge, Kinloch, Fife, KY15 7UT

Our complaints process:

1. Contact us using your preferred method above.
2. Let us know that you are registering dissatisfaction about some aspect of our service.
3. Tell us what the issue is and how it is impacting you.
4. Tell us when the issue started and how often it is happening.
5. Make sure you provide your business name and contact details so that we can get back to you.

What we will do:

1. We will create a complaint log for your complaint. Even although the complaint may have an almost immediate resolution, we still want to record details so that we can learn lessons and make changes to prevent any potential future occurrence. Details recorded will be:
a. Customer Names
b. Date complaint was received
c. Customer Reference numbers
d. A note of how you would like to be contacted to discuss progress.
e. Any appropriate evidence for your complaint – meter reads, emails etc. This file will remain as an open file until resolution is reached.

2. Depending on the circumstances, we will offer resolution of the complaint by return. Some simple things can be resolved almost immediately. If this is possible, we will ask for your permission to close the complaint.
3. If the complaint cannot be resolved immediately as further investigation, documentation or clarification is required, we will give you an estimate of how long it will be before we will get back in touch with you. This would normally be 3 working days but can often be quicker.
4. If you are still not satisfied and do not agree that we may close the complaint after the three-day window, for example because we need more time as we are waiting for information from a third party, we shall let you know a revised timescale. This will be within 2 weeks from the initial complaint.
5. We will keep you informed at all stages. If, within or up to 8 weeks from the date of the initial complaint, we cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction, or if at any time we think we cannot resolve the complaint we will issue you with a “deadlock letter” and let you know that may choose to escalate your complaint to Ombudsman Services (see below). Ombudsman Services offer impartiality, and their service is free to consumers.
Escalation to Ombudsman services is free to use. If you feel your complaint has been mishandled in any way or has not been resolved within 8 weeks, you may wish to contact the ombudsman who will propose a fair outcome for both parties. The ombudsman services can be contacted using any of the following:

Post: Ombudsman Services: Energy, PO Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF
Phone: 0330 440 1624

Focus Business Consultancy Limited Complaints Procedure
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