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ACCOUNTANTS/BUSINESS ADVISERS – here’s a story that may interest you:

I had a Fife-based business referred to me a couple of weeks ago who is a large user of electricity nearing the end of their contract.

I explained that, generally, their bill was made up as follows:

  • 40% – actual energy usage
  • 60% – Pass-through charges to government/supply networks

That said, I conducted a full review of their last 6 months of bills to truly understand their requirements and usage and look at their current contract.

I’m delighted to say that they on the wrong KVA level and I can (pretty-much ALWAYS!) beat their standing charges and unit costs for their electricity – the result is I can save them circa £70,000 PER YEAR for the same thing!

That’s a saving of over £200k over a 3 year contract at a fixed and very competitive rate.

Remember – there is not cheap energy (as is sub-standard or poor quality) – there IS cheaper energy to be had though.

Additionally, I can save them £2,000 per month for the remaining 3 months of their existing contract and provide them, going forwards, with monthly invoice validation and periodic energy audits.

What could I do to help YOUR clients?

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